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345 geboorte van kind: Denmark, Hadding died by hanging as a ritual sacrifice for his people, according to the customs of the Hasdinga., Hadding Gramsson [Scyldings] * 345


The Ephthalitae Huns, who are called White Huns [...] The Ephthalitae are of the stock of the Huns in fact as well as in name, however they do not mingle with any of the Huns known to us, for they occupy a land neither adjoining nor even very near to them; but their territory lies immediately to the north of Persia [...] They are not nomads like the other Hunnic peoples, but for a long period have been established in a goodly land.[21]

Actually it is thought that the name Hun is used to denote very different nomadic confederations.

Procopius speculates that the Hepthalites (Heathobards) were descendants of the Yuezhi or Tocharian tribes who remained behind after the rest of the people fled the Xiongnu. (The Tocharians have been found to be related to the Langobard/Lombards and Northern Franks, the name Tocharian is preserved in their descendants as Toxandrie).

These people were first mentioned by the Chinese, who described them as living in Dzungaria around AD 125. Chinese chronicles state that they were originally a tribe of the Yuezhi, living to the north of the Great Wall, and subject to the Rouran (Jwen-Jwen), as were some Turkic peoples at the time. Their original name was Hoa or Hoa-tun; subsequently they named themselves Ye-tha-i-li-to (厌带夷栗陁, or more briefly Ye-tha 嚈噠)[22], after their royal family, which descended from one of the five Yuezhi families which also included the Kushan.

Groa-Oldrun may be a phonetic rendering of Hoatun and Sidhe is a reference to the lands of the Sythae (Scythian) in the East. Sjabloon:Need relationships

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== 1 ==
Gram of Denmark
geboorte: Denmark
== 1 ==
Hadding Gramsson
geboorte: 345, Denmark, Hadding died by hanging as a ritual sacrifice for his people, according to the customs of the Hasdinga.

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