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Sithric of Dublin † 927

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CLAN: verzamelnaam voor 1 familie met diverse achternamen MacGregor
geslacht man
Volledige naam bij geboorte Sithric of Dublin
andere bij deze persoon gebruikte namen Cedric, Sidhric, Sitric

Indulf (Ildulb) MacGregor (Olaf Cuaran) [MacGregor]

Angaradd MacCausatin [Dalriada]


geboorte van kind: Olaf White Sithricsson (of Dublin) [MacGregor] † 981

927 overlijden:


Although claimed by some to have been the daughter of Ivar the legless... The mother of Sithric Ingjaldsson The Norse conquerer of Dublin would most certainly not have been the daughter of Ivar Ring. With the amount of intermarriage between Picts and Irish introduction of a Nordic strain (The Ring Dynasty) would most certainly have produced generations of individuals in Ireland manifesting the congenital bone condition known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta. This disease is not present in the offspring of Sithric Ingjaldsson indicating perhaps a Norse/Hebridean Genealogy for this King. The most likely place to search for his parents would be among the earlier immigrants from Norway who settled in the Shetlands and Hebrides or among the Dalriada. I am removing this king from the lineage charts of the Ring family.

It is to be noted that the name of Sithric Ingjaldsson is a Nordic version of the saxon name Cedric. In Ireland no distinction was made between the Saxons and the Norse (Both being considered by the Gaels of Erienn as being Norse in origin). This is just an observation to help stimulate discussion on the topic. Any descendants with Genetic testing information should feel free to continue this discourse in the discussion page for this individual.

Further Investigation shows the mother of Sithric to have been the daughter of Constantine whose children were named Gandalf (Indulf), Angaradd, and Ceollach. It is most certain that Sidhric was the son of either Angaradd and that his name not patronymic but that he was designated as Sithric the son of Angaradd (daughter of the king). (Almoustine)

van de grootouders tot en met de kleinkinderen

Euchaid (Aodh Griogair) Runesson (Grieg)
titel: 878 ? 889, Scotland, King of Alba
Indulf (Ildulb) MacGregor (Olaf Cuaran)
titel: 963 ? 981, King of Northumbria
== 3 ==
Colin (Cuilén) MaGandolf
overlijden: 971, Lothian
Eochaid mac Ildulb
overlijden: 971, Lothian
Sithric of Dublin
overlijden: 927
== 3 ==
Jocunda Olafsdotter ? (of Ossory)
geboorte: 932, Dyflinni, Ireland

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