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Athulf (Aschiulf) the Visigoth * 355? † september 415

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CLAN: verzamelnaam voor 1 familie met diverse achternamen Balthus
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Volledige naam bij geboorte Athulf (Aschiulf) the Visigoth
andere bij deze persoon gebruikte namen Athaulf

Achiuf Athalsson (Geberich, Aberic) [Getae] * 318 † 350

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Externe referenties GEDCOM::AugustaGall.ged::INDI @I3257@::SylvainComte


355? geboorte:

410 - 415 titel: King of the Visigoths

413 Huwelijk: Galla Placidia [Flavier] * 389? † 27 november 450

414 NMR: Marriage to Galla Placida, Priscus Attalus gave the wedding speech

414 geboorte van kind: Theodosius of Barcelona [Balthus] * 414 † 415

september 415 overlijden: Assasinated by Dubious Eoforwulf


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He is purported to have stated

At first I wanted to erase the Roman name and convert all Roman territory into a Gothic empire: I longed for Romania to become Gothia, and Athaulf to be what Caesar Augustus had been. But long experience has taught me that the ungoverned wildness of the Goths will never submit to laws, and that without law a state is not a state. Therefore I have more prudently chosen the different glory of reviving the Roman name with Gothic vigour, and I hope to be acknowledged by posterity as the initiator of a Roman restoration, since it is impossible for me to alter the character of this Empire.

Brother in law of Alaric I Alaric I ? (de Baux, Balthus, Balti Dynasty) (Balthus, * 370? † 25 augustus 410)


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van de grootouders tot en met de kleinkinderen

Athal ? (Athalrid)
geboorte: 284
== 3 ==
Galla Placidia
geboorte: 389?
Huwelijk: Athulf (Aschiulf) the Visigoth
titel: 421 - 450, Impératrice
overlijden: 27 november 450
Athulf (Aschiulf) the Visigoth
geboorte: 355?
titel: 410 - 415, King of the Visigoths
Huwelijk: Galla Placidia
NMR: 414, Marriage to Galla Placida, Priscus Attalus gave the wedding speech
overlijden: september 415, Assasinated by Dubious Eoforwulf
== 3 ==
Valentinian III
geboorte: 2 juli 419
Huwelijk: Licinia Eudoxia
titel: 425 - 16 maart 455, Emperor of Rome
overlijden: 16 maart 455, Rom
Theodosius of Barcelona
geboorte: 414
overlijden: 415

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